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Shifted Out Of My Seat!

I'd like to start this post by saying a sarcastic thank-you to the old guy who I had the displeasure of meeting in a shopping store on Friday, without our encounter I wouldn't have thought of blogging about this particular subject.Your rather rude manner has given me an opportunity to discuss a topic that can be quite an issue for many others in my position. So thanks again Mr Judgmental, I guess I owe you a high 5! Also, before I carry on I want to state that I'm not tarring all older people with the same brush, or meaning to cause offence to them or anyone else. I just wanted to do a post that shows how younger people with disabilities (especially hidden ones) get treated by certain members of the elderly.

This particular situation happened while I was in the supermarket with my mother & as I always do when out shopping, I'd taken myself off for a sit down due to pain & tiredness caused by my health problems. Normally I'd stay there around 10 or 15 minutes until I felt rested enough to carry on, this time though I was more or less forced to move after only a few minutes due to an old man standing up beside me, staring at me like he thought I was a young person taking up a seat for a laugh. I mean, what other reason could there be? It's not like a young girl could possibly need a sit down for health reasons, is it? Before I got up and walked away, I pointed out to him that there was a seat next to me if he wanted to sit down, to which he grumpily replied "He needed two seats to sort his bags out, so he'd stand up and wait for me to leave". I didn't respond but I was slightly irritated by this as I had no intention of moving at that moment. I'll be honest though, I felt pretty awkward just sitting there with a bad tempered looking elderly man standing up beside me, clearly trying to make me feel in the wrong so that I would vacate the seat for him (And of course his bags) His plan worked! I gave up my seat because I felt judged for being a young person who's disabilities could not be seen.

So to conclude this blog I guess I just want to say to anyone (Mainly the elderly in my experience) who criticizes others based on age and looks that young people can & often do suffer too.  You might want to think about that before forcing someone out of a seat in future! Also, to the man who did that to me.. Maybe you should go away and learn the meaning of (INVISIBLE ILLNESS).... X


  1. Hi Lucy
    I completely see were you are coming from but unfortunately the older people get this as well.
    I was traveling by bus the other day (don't use it very much) and as I was about to sit down at the front of the bus I noticed a sign by the side of the chair which clearly marked it as a for the elderly only, so I sat on the one behind it (there were plenty of seats available). As the bus filled up a guy 20s moved to sit on it. I clearly saw him look at the sign but still sit in it...there were plenty of seats available although he would have had to sit next to somebody, clearly he wanted one by himself. No elderly got on so he was lucky but you can see the frustrations the elderly must put up with.
    I hope that your pain doesn't hold you back too much in the future.
    All the best

  2. Thank :-) I agree there are younger people with the same attitude as the old man, it's a shame people aren't willing to be more considerate these days.

  3. I too am a victim of being judged, mainly by people in work with who think I'm being over dramatic as they can't see why I'm in pain or needing a sling or can't do xy or z. I enjoyed this and look forward to readying more x


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